• Repair of freight cars

      1. Depot repair
      2. Major repairs
      3.  Acceptance for repairIn order for freight cars to comply with all safety standards and be able to transport cargo safely, they must be diagnosed and repaired. The amount of repair work and their features depend on the condition of the main elements.
  • Depot repair

    This type of repair of wagons provides for the implementation of all necessary manipulations directly at the depot. First, cleaning of the remains of the transported cargo is carried out. Next – inspection and diagnostics of the elements. Such work is necessarily carried out by a qualified specialist together with the receiver. A defective statement is compiled, in which all identified damages are indicated and the scope of subsequent work is determined.

  • Major repairs

    Carrying out major repairs allows you to fully restore the resource of wagons that have been in operation for a long time. In the process of such repair, all elements that were worn out earlier are replaced. If such spare parts are non-removable, they are repaired directly on the spot.

    Basic repair requirements:

    • the parts and elements used must comply with the established standards;
    • installed spare parts are required to have certificates and declarations;
    • the responsible components of the wagons must have the appropriate stamps.

    After the completion of such repairs, the car is returned to operation for further freight transportation.

  • Acceptance for repair

    Acceptance of freight cars is carried out in accordance with clearly defined rules. All of them are prescribed in the regulatory and legal documentation, which is used by specialists checking the condition of the elements, as well as by receivers at depots or at specialized stations.