What types of wagon repairs do you produce?

In the Khavast, Andijan and Samarkand wagon depots of JSC “O’zvagonta’mir”, repairs of the DR-depot, KR-overhaul and KRP-overhaul are carried out to extend the service life of freight wagon up to 5 years for all types of wagons.

What types of repair of passenger wagon's do you produce?

JSC “O’zvagonta’mir” Andijan wagon depot performs depot repairs of passenger wagon and maintenance of TO-1, TO-3.

What is the capacity of your wagon depots?

In Khavast, Andijan and Samarkand wagon depots of JSC “O’zvagonta’mir”, the average capacity of each depot is 100 wagons per month, 1200 wagons per year, depending on the types of repairs.

What types of wheel pair repairs are performed?

In all wagon depots, medium repairs of wheel sets are carried out.

What is the warranty period after wagon repair?

The warranty period for the repaired wagon’s is until the next repair period, at the end of the run according to the instructions.