The projects of expansion of the public transport network are considered

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, during familiarization with the construction of the second stage of the Tashkent Aboveground Ring Metro on June 6, gave instructions on expanding the public transport network and developing the subway infrastructure.

Projects aimed at organizing this work have been presented to the Head of State today. In particular, information was reported on plans to continue the second stage of the elevated metro ring with a connection to the Sergeli branch, the introduction of modern construction methods, the modernization of metro rolling stock, and further increase passenger traffic.

As you know, it is planned to build five stations by the end of this year as part of the second phase of the project, and two more stations next year, for the Navruz holiday. This line will cover about 250 thousand residents of 62 mahallas with metro services.

The Head of State stressed that convenience for people and safety should be a priority in all types of public transport. It was instructed to purchase 14 new trains for the metro, to develop a program of measures to ensure passenger safety for 2022-2025.

The importance of the integrated development of the metro with the wide application of innovative approaches, as well as the involvement of highly qualified specialists from abroad for the training of domestic personnel together with the Transport University was noted.

It is determined that 26 makhallas of Tashkent will be covered by the public transport network for the first time and connected to the metro. Additional electric buses will be purchased for this purpose.

Calculations show that more than 1 million passengers enter the capital from the Tashkent region every day. The necessity of redirecting this flow to the metro, creating convenience for both the population and traffic was noted.

The task has been set to establish the running of high–speed trains on the routes “Tashkent – Khojikent”, “Tashkent – Bekabad” and “Tashkent – Angren” by purchasing modern electric trains.

The importance of the improvement of mahallas along the new line of the ring metro was emphasized.

In general, it was instructed to finalize the submitted projects and develop a draft resolution.


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