The President got acquainted with the projects for the development of public transport

On June 6, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev familiarized himself with the construction of the second stage of the above-ground ring metro in Tashkent.

In the current conditions of post-crisis recovery and uncertainty in the global economy, only a few countries invest in social projects. In Uzbekistan, the work to facilitate the movement of people does not stop for a moment.

In 2020, the first stage of construction of the above-ground ring metro of Tashkent from the station “Dustlik-2” to the station “Kuylyuk” was completed. Currently, the second stage is being implemented – from the Kuylyuk massif to the 5th station of the Sergeli branch. The installation of more than 200 supports has been completed, and the construction of overpasses is underway.

The Head of State inspected the construction works.

– Before we had no practice of building an elevated subway. Now we are creating a new story. Therefore, it is necessary to seriously consider the strength of structures again. Secondly, there should be more modern, electronic services in the metro, at stations,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

There will be 7 stations on this segment of the aboveground metro with a length of almost 12 kilometers. The train interval will be 13 minutes. The line will be able to carry about 40 thousand passengers a day.

This will reduce the use of personal vehicles, reduce the load on the roads. In particular, the daily traffic of cars in the direction of Kuylyuk-Sergeli may be reduced by 32 thousand or by 12 percent.

In general, upon completion of this stage, the total length of the Tashkent metro will reach 70 kilometers, the number of stations will be 50. The number of passengers served by the metro will reach 600 thousand people per day. 245 new jobs will be created.

There was also a presentation of projects on the development of public transport in the city of Tashkent, increasing passenger traffic in the subway.

Thus, in areas that are not sufficiently covered by public transport, it is planned to open 12 new bus routes that will be connected to metro stations. In addition, express bus routes will be organized along 9 main roads from the Tashkent region to the capital.

Tashkent State Transport University, together with foreign experts, has developed measures to improve the level of use of the subway. In particular, it is planned to open additional public transport routes and connect them with low-load metro stations, increase the number of subway cars to 5 and shorten the interval of their movement.

As a result, the cost of metro operation, public transport costs and waiting times will be significantly reduced. The number of cars entering the city may decrease by 97 thousand, and traffic on main streets – by 10 percent.

Having approved these proposals, the President stressed the importance of creating conditions for residents of mahallas to travel to the metro, organizing car and bicycle parking near the stations. It was instructed to expand the fleet of electric buses and train specialists in their maintenance, accelerate the construction of a tram line.

The Head of State walked along Kipchak Street and inspected the road infrastructure.


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