JSC "Uzvagontamir" is a team of professionals aimed at ensuring the high quality of repair, both freight cars and passenger cars. Our Company has in its structure five car depots located at the stations of Khavast (VCHD-Khavast), Andijan-2 (VCD-Andijan), Samarkand (VChD-Samarkand), Kungrad (VCHD-Kungrad), Termez (VCHD-Termez) and capital repair and overhaul with the extension of useful life of freight cars, and also repairs passenger cars in the volume of TO-3 and depot repairs.


1. Five wagon depots located along the main lines of the railway traffic in the Republic.

2. Experienced and certified personnel.

3. Flexible pricing.

4. Minimal simple wagons in repair.

Since its inception in 2001, JSC "Uzvagotagon" has been working steadily in the car repair market and fulfills its obligations to partners in full! Our customers are both the largest operators of rolling stock, and small businesses. Expansion of our client base is the best confirmation of the qualitative and honest work of our Company.


The repair depot of wagon depots includes all necessary equipment for the performance of high-quality and timely repair of units and parts of all kinds and types of freight cars.

Our depots are provided with modern non-destructive testing facilities, such as ferrosonde, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and eddy current.


Repair of wheel sets (survey).

Repair of wheel sets and cast parts is carried out by highly qualified specialists in accordance with the valid normative and technical documents.


Repair of wheel pairs (survey) is a medium repair (complete survey), routine repairs (ordinary survey), including full or intermediate revision of the boxes, inspection and repair of bearings and details of the axle unit, turning wheel pairs along the rolling profile, repairing the boxes , non-destructive testing of wheel sets, roller bearing parts and other details of the axle unit for the purpose of detecting internal defects.

In order to ensure long-term service of wheel sets in the depot, it is possible to restore the crests of wheel sets, by welding them with subsequent turning to drawing dimensions.

    Repair of cast parts includes:

Repair of the parts of the trolleys (side frames and bolster beams), the parts of the automatic coupler (automatic couplers, absorbers, traction collars) is the non-destructive testing of the cast parts of freight and passenger wagons in order to detect internal defects, repair and restoration to drawing dimensions.

    Repair and carrying out of works on prolongation of lope of service of bogies of model 18-100.

 Extension of the service life is made by side frames and bolster beams of model 18-100 carriages in service. 30. The extension period is set until the next planned repair of wagons, which is determined in accordance with the current regulatory documents, but not more than 3 years. The maximum service life of the 18-100 model trolley carts subjected to the extension of the service life will be 37 years.

In order to increase the inter-repair run of cars in the car depots, work is underway to modernize the trucks of model 18-100 freight cars.

The extension of the service life is carried out by certified specialists in nondestructive testing, who have the 2nd level of ND.

    Depot repair of freight and passenger cars;

Depot repair of wagons (DR) - repairs carried out to restore serviceability and restore the life of the car with the replacement or restoration of components.

Depot repair is a planned type of repair, the installation of which is carried out in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation for depot repairs approved by the Council for Rail Transport of the Commonwealth.


Depot repair of passenger cars (DR) - is a planned type of repair of wagons, performed to restore their performance with the replacement or repair of components, as well as the modernization of individual units.

The repair is carried out in accordance with the existing system of maintenance and repair of passenger cars.

Current repairs of passenger cars in the volume of TO-3;

    Overhaul of freight cars;

Overhaul of wagons (КР) - repair, performed to restore serviceability, complete restoration of the resource of wagons with the replacement or restoration of any of its parts, including the base.

Overhaul is a planned type of repair setting for which is carried out in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation.


On the equipment available in the wagon depots of the joint-stock company, it is also possible to provide qualified carpentry, turning, welding and other services.


The authorized fund of the joint-stock company of JSC "Uzvagontaire" is 1 million 52 thousand US dollars.

Based on the results of work for the year 2015, JSC "Uzvagontamir" fulfilled the volume of 2888 units, depot repair of freight cars.

Overhaul repairs of 515 wagons were repaired.

The volume of repair of cars of industrial enterprises, from 847 to 985 cars, including 359 carriages of the PSC and 92 wagons, was significantly increased to the previous year.

Depot repair of passenger cars amounted to 40 wagons, in the volume of TO-3 39 wagons. The income was 288 thousand 525 US dollars. 121%, to the previous year.

The company's revenues for the year 2015 amounted to 7 million 788 thousand 958 US dollars.

The overall financial result amounted to 392 thousand 354 US dollars. -101.2% of the business plan.

Net profit amounted to 314 thousand 521 US dollars. (100.12% of the business plan)