Activity of the company


The subject of the company's activities are:

Capital and depot repair of freight cars;

Overhaul (modernization) with the extension of the service life for 5 years of all types of freight cars;

Current uncoupling repair of freight cars;

Depot repair of passenger cars;

Container repair;

Design and research and development activities modern technologies of repair and modernization of units and parts of railway rolling stock;

Development of normative and technical documentation for all types of carload operations;

Implementation of measures for environmental protection and introduction of environmentally friendly technologies;

Development of import-substituting production of spare parts, assemblies, parts, equipment for repair and maintenance needs of carload economy;

Issue of spare parts and consumer goods;

Designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment for all types of vehicles;

Carrying out of tests of details and units of freight cars;

Implementation of construction and installation, repair and construction, restoration and other contract works;


Development and introduction of advanced technologies in production;

Rendering household, communal, transport and trade services to the population and enterprises;

Manufacture and sale of consumer goods and building materials;

Collection, purchase, processing and sale in the form of finished products and semi-finished products of various wastes of industrial production, secondary raw materials and household waste;

Foreign economic activity.